Challenges and opportunities in the steel industry: the latest trends from Made in Steel, the international steel fair

We would like to share with you the news regarding our participation in the recent edition of Made in Steel – Conference & Exhibition. This fair has always been a significant event in the steel industry and, once again, it has provided us with numerous networking and knowledge opportunities.

Made in Steel is a certified international event that brings together key players in the steel industry. During the event, which took place in Milan from May 9th to 11th, 2023, it achieved record numbers in terms of participation from exhibitors and visitors. We had the opportunity to meet many of our suppliers and partners in a lively, vibrant, and highly productive atmosphere.

During the fair, we delved into the upcoming trends and market analysis in the steel sector. This allowed us to gather valuable information and useful suggestions to shape our future production and business strategies.

The topics discussed in the conferences of Made in Steel 2023 were extremely interesting and relevant in the steel industry landscape. The fair provided a unique platform to explore strategic themes for the industry, including new technologies applied to steel and the various applications of steel in sectors such as infrastructure, automotive, energy and construction.

One of the key themes that many stakeholders addressed was sustainability. The steel industry is facing increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and adopt more sustainable practices. The conferences at Made in Steel offered the opportunity to learn about the latest technological solutions to pursue decarbonization and produce true “green steel“.

Participating in trade fairs like Made in Steel has always been a strategic choice for our company because it allows us to maintain close relationships with our suppliers and partners, as well as stay updated on the latest developments.

Thanks to these insights, we are now able to align our business strategies with market dynamics and the needs of our customers.