who we are

Distinctive Factors

I.S.A.C. is an Italian manufacturing company that always keeps innovation and continuous improvement in the foreground.

Since 1974 it produces steel parts by hot forging in carbon or alloy steel. The constant renewal of the production site, the technologically advanced equipment and the help of in-line robots are the guarantee of both the high quality of the product and its continuity, as well as the speed of delivery at competitive prices.

The company can produce parts that, due to their criticalities, could not make use of standard technology: the versatility that derives from our machines guarantees production flexibility and an organizational dynamism that allows to always meet the needs even of the most demanding customer. Thanks to careful and continuous maintenance and the evolution of the related technologies, I.S.A.C. has managed to make its machines even more performing, to guarantee productions with deviations and dimensional drifts of the order of a millimeter on long series.

Even the raw material we use makes the difference and allows us to guarantee a reliable and high-quality production: the billets used for forging are in fact all accompanied by a Certificate of Origin and come from leading steel mills.

Our staff, suitably trained and with proven multi-year experience in the sector, is at total disposal of the customer: the feasibility in the quote phase, the design of the dies and the definition of the complete production package are all aspects shared with the customer “in progress” to allow a real active collaboration, a necessary condition for the success of the project.

distinctive factors

  • Ability to actively collaborate in the quote phase with in-depth feasibility to satisfy any request of the end customer


  • High production and organizational flexibility


  • Quality of forged products


  • Production control systems


  • Dimensional deviations tending to almost zero throughout all the production cycle


  • Cold cutting as a guarantee of ideal starting conditions for the cycle and high-quality standards


  • Competent and trained personnel, with a high level of experience to operate correctly on machinery


  • Speed ​​in the production of forging equipment


  • Punctual and fast deliveries

Our Values


I.S.A.C. is synonymous with "family" because we share a common value: the great passion for our work. We are a big family made up of specialised professionals, all indispensable for the success of the company


We have always updated and invested in making our working environment a safe place for our employees


We care about the environment and are aware that every company can play a virtuous role in this respect.
When you are dealing with steel you are inside a perfect circular economy mechanism. We do our part by putting our production waste back into the system. In this way we contribute to its infinite circularity

Our history

I.S.A.C. was founded in 1974 in the Canavese area, Torino, by Silvano Grivetto, an entrepreneur who made his stubborn and far-sighted character the key to the success of his company. Like all youthful projects, I.S.A.C. was initially led with great enthusiasm and little experience. Assisted by three partners who would remain part of the company for many years to come, he allowed the company to grow, brilliantly overcoming even the 1980s, which saw a deep crisis in the sector.

The evolution and growth in hot steel forging results in a continuous renewal of the machine park, advanced equipment technology and the introduction of in-line robots. All this is a guarantee of excellent product quality, fast delivery at competitive prices and satisfaction of every customer requirement.

All raw materials used – i.e. quenched and tempered, casehardening and carbon steels – accompanied by a certificate of origin, come from leading steel mills and ensure reliable production.

The change, however, did not stop at the production dimension and over time the team grew to include great professionals, workers specialised in hot forging but, above all, opening up the management of the company to the family dimension.

With the entry into the company of his daughter Ombretta and son Giorgio, I.S.A.C. took shape and substance from the founder’s initial idea:

a company that finds inspiration in the value of family and grows thanks to it.

Our experts

The management

Silvano Grivetto

General director

Ombretta Grivetto

Administration, Finance and Control

Giorgio Grivetto

Commercial Management and Quality Assurance

Fabrizio Babando

Production, Quality & Technical department

Caterina bertetto

System Manager G.A.S.
(Environment Safety Management)

antonietta d'alessandro



Laura Varabev


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