Forging dreams

Hot steel forging

We are a company specialized in hot forging of carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel. We produce a wide range of dies to meet the needs of our Italian and foreign customers.

I.S.A.C. was founded in 1974 in the Canavese area, Turin (Italy), by Silvano Grivetto, an entrepreneur who made his stubborn and far-sighted character the key to the success of his company.

Forging Dreams

Commitment and expertise. This is how we shape your every request


The quality of our hot forged products is the result of a renewal based on constant investments in technologically advanced production facilities


Production flexibility and in-house development of dies allow us to meet even the most urgent orders within 24 business hours


With a capacity of 14,000 tons per year, we have expanded our product range. Thus we are able to supply various markets. This is how we try to fulfil every request from our customers


Our history and the evolution of our work told through the I.S.A.C. blog which is proposed as the narrator of a historic company that has so much to tell: news from the world of hot forging, technical insights, uses, curiosities.

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