Efficiency and energy consumption monitoring

We are pleased to share with you the progress we have made in the recent period to improve our production activity. As you may already know, we have started a digitalization and energy efficiency process a few years ago, which allowed us to replace our previous gas furnaces with new ones using electromagnetic induction.

In this moment of energy crisis, the installation of energy monitoring systems has proven to be a very useful choice for our activity. Thanks to these tools, we are now aware of our real consumption and can make targeted operational decisions.

We have noticed that our furnaces, compressors, and water pumps for cooling are the most impactful loads on our energy bill. For this reason, we have installed the Power Monitor Expert software, which allows us to monitor the consumption of each single processing phase.

Thanks to this tool, we have noticed that we can turn off the furnace transformers on weekends, which we did not do before. This simple operation allows us to save about 250-400 kilowatt-hours per month, a figure that makes a difference in our energy bill.

We are aware that our furnaces must work at their maximum power for each processing, but knowing exactly how much they consume in each phase and production batch allows us to assess the impact of heating on the final price of each component.

In summary, energy efficiency and consumption monitoring allow us to optimize our production and provide you with high-quality products at the right price.

Thank you for your trust, and let’s continue to work together for a sustainable future.

I have tried to explain all this in the video below.

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Ombretta Grivetto