1974 – 2024: I.S.A.C. celebrates its 50 years of activity

🎉 1974 – 2024  The birth and consolidation of I.S.A.C. in the years

We open the year with an anniversary that involves all of us: the 50th anniversary of our company!

Many of you were involved in the birth and evolution of this great adventure: they saw the company arise and grow day after day until they witnessed its consolidation.
We are pleased to communicate to our customers, friends, suppliers, relatives and all those who collaborate with us, that to celebrate this anniversary, we will retrace through our social channels the main stages that we have faced over the years and that have changed the company and have contributed to our business and personal growth.

It will be a unique experience, a real leap in time that will guide us throughout 2024 and that will bring to mind the many challenges faced over the years, starting from the moment in which the owners, very young, decided to believe in their dream and to invest their savings in a visionary project.

Each step contributed to forming I.S.A.C. and we want to give value to it.
We invite you, therefore, to follow the campaign through our digital channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) and the images that retrace the salient and most important dates of our precious company history.
We hope that the story of “50 years of I.S.A.C.” can increase knowledge of our company, enrich you personally and make you smile in memory of the past.

So that every memory is never lost!