Excavator track chain links: our latest innovation for Earthmoving

We are always attentive to the market’s needs.
In I.S.A.C. we work with the aim of creating components that benefit all those central fields in the development of the global markets.

For this reason, we are delighted to present to you a new product that adds to the components useful for machinery active in earthmoving, usually for construction or land management purposes, for the construction and the carrying out of excavations.
We are talking about the Excavator track chain links, i.e. the elements on which the tracks at the base of the machinery are mounted.

The excavator links are joined in a sort of chain that forms the track and thus allows the machine to move and move on the ground.
Creating the links for the undercarriages of excavators requires a particular technology which is part of what we define as highly performing and innovative equipment and which we have purchased, renewing our machinery park, with the aim of offering new mechanical components.
In particular, it is thanks to the new induction furnaces and the precision of the new deburring and drilling presses that we have recently installed that we can produce this element with the necessary quality.

Despite the economic uncertainty we are witnessing due to inflation and wars that involve the macroeconomic system, and which weigh on the production of industrial machinery, the sector and, in particular, that of excavators represent a significant objective for us at I.S.A.C.

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