#HereWeAre – Our Commitment in the World of Steel Components

At I.S.A.C., we always aim for quality!

For this reason, we are delighted to present to you the campaign #NoiciSiamo – #HereWeAre, an initiative born with the goal of sharing with every customer and employee of the company the crucial role that our hot-forged steel components play in various industrial sectors.

These components, created through the skills of I.S.A.C. employees, play a leading role in some of the most active sectors in the Italian market.

The communication campaign, conceived and developed by Raffaella Poggio, our marketing and communication consultant with over 25 years of experience in the field of management consulting and economic journalism, is aimed at promoting the knowledge of hot-forged components, demonstrating their quality, effectiveness, and durability, but above all, emphasizing how every small element forged by I.S.A.C. is present in every aspect of our lives.

An example? The pinion produced by the company is essential for the performance of wind turbine blades as it allows them to orient themselves based on the wind direction, contributing to energy efficiency. But that’s not all. The Came 125, for instance, recently presented on our social channels, is an indispensable component for the activity of the so-called “mechanical moles” that have contributed to projects like the M2 in Milan, facilitating the country’s mobility development.

Over 30 product types for 8 different sectors are forged by our company, and each piece holds its value in terms of competitiveness and progress.

Through this campaign, we also wish to highlight the indispensable role of each of our employees in the production chain, creating value and contributing to the success not only of the company but also of our customers and partners.

We are proud of our contribution to various sectors, but especially of your continuous support.

We invite you to follow the campaign through our digital channels (LinkedIn) and images that showcase the importance of our hot-forged steel components.

We hope that #HereWeAre can make our mission and commitment to you clearer.

Best regards,