Our “Family Day 2022”

Family Day 2022

On Sunday 25 September the “Family Day 2022” took place in I.S.A.C., an internal event attended by our 35 employees with their families: children and partners first of all, and, for younger workers, their parents. It was a day where above all the children were able to really get to know where their father or […]

Our excellence in forging also passes through the adoption of induction ovens

Our excellence in forging also passes through the adoption of induction ovens We were in full pandemic when we started our transformation. It took a lot of courage to face an economic commitment, significant for us, without knowing where the effect of a lockdown that continued to last and there was no end in sight […]

Anti-waste is our vice

ANTI-WASTE IS OUR VICE In recent years there has been a lot of talk, fortunately!, of circular economy, environmental sustainability, ESG and the famous “Four Rs” that is: Reduction, Reuse, Recycling and Recovery. But, in practice, what do companies really put in place? You don’t just need big projects to lend a hand to the […]

Investment boom in agricultural machinery in 2021

It is said that the tractor is the first object of desire of our Italian farmers.

Just think that in Italy in 2019 there were 1.75 million tractors against 4.8 million in the United States, where however the arable land is 20 times greater than ours! 

But if in the pre-pandemic years it was known that […]

Silvano Grivetto: The long steel Road

Getting to know a man, even before an entrepreneur and his personal history is perhaps the best way to show the young generations the meaning of tenacity and spirit of sacrifice. In the case of Silvano Grivetto, founder and CEO of I.S.A.C., we tell of a path that has many features in common with the […]

“Steel components and wind energy: unexpected connections”.

Let’s start with this image: you surely had a glimpse, while driving along Italian roads, of the great white giants imposing themselves on the landscape: wind turbines. We know how important it is to protect our planet from pollution in any form. Many steps have been taken over the years, but that’s still not enough. […]